Universal Calibrator

Product Description

All-in-one functionality

UNICAL 3001M is multifunction calibrator with 17 different functions avoiding need to take several different measurement devices to the field. It can be used in both laboratory and site calibration purpose with various features.

Calibration is fast and easy

UNICAL 3001M provides accurate, fast and multifunction calibration facilities with easy to use functions. It has 5-digit 0.56″ Red LED display and individual function keys. Facilities like independent settings for zero/span, switch selectable digital nulling for offset cancellation and differential measurement enables higher calibration functionality.

Accurate performance

UNICAL 3001M is highly accurate process calibrator. It goes through an auto calibration cycle every 3 minutes during which instrument reading will freeze for 2 seconds. Same ‘Auto Cal’ loop is repeated when a new range is selected correcting drifts in instrument because of self heating.

Assured usability

The device is powered with long-lasting rechargeable battery of standard ‘AA’ size. It is supplied with an external charger and leather carrying case for hands-off field work. Calibration certificates traceable to national standards are provided with all calibrators.


  • Multi function calibrator
  • Unique ‘Auto Cal’ & ‘Auto Zero’ function
  • 5-digit, 0.56″ Red LED display
  • 17 calibration function
  • User friendly operation with dedicated keys
  • Special calibration function for Cu-53
  • Two Custom T/C & resistance simulation
  • Rechargeable ‘AA’ size Ni-MH cells


  • Plant maintenance engineers
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical plants and refineries
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food & Beverage plants
  • Power plants
  • Service companies