Temperature Smart Transmitters

Product Description

The SMART Temperature  transmitters are suitable as replacements for any conventional  temperature transmitters in use today. The memory contains the characteristics of most commonly used temperature sensors.

You can easily use the hand held communicator or PC tool to configure the transmitter for any of these sensors and it will automatically correct for their associated non-linearity’s.

Accuracies stated below are available merely by selecting the sensor type and range (i.e. without user calibration).

Calibration of the LRV/URV end points will typically give accuracy improvements of 2 times. Sensor errors can be calibrated out by calibration to the specific sensor either by having it at the LRV/URV temperatures or by simulation of the known values.

In addition, all units pass through Environmental Stress Screening by fast cycling between -40°C and +85°C to ensure

maximum product reliability. During this process the ambient temperature coefficients are determined for each unit and burned into memory to ensure temperature compensation over a wide range of operating conditions.

Configuration adjustments and diagnostics checks can be made either locally or remotely over the signal wires from anywhere along their route. This enables major savings in manpower time during commissioning, start up and maintenance activities