Single Limb Well Type Direct Reading Manometer

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Product Description

We offer single limb well type direct reading manometer used for precision measurement of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure, flow and liquid level measurement device used in different process applications.these manometer are general purpose, direct reading  and relatively simple instruments.The  well  type  single  limb  manometer are accurate & dependable as well as highly versatile for many applications.All scales are graduated to correct for the drop in the well level.
In general consisting of  Stainless steel fittings, Borosil Glass Limbs mounted on a metallic frame, Provided with White Acrylic / Aluminium Scale with zero at the bottom. The Manometer will Be protected with Transparent front cover and external Zero Adjustment Knob will be provided

Range :  From 0 to 10000 mWc, VAC 0 to -760 mmHg

Process Connection : Nozzel type and Screwed type Available
in 1/8” BSP/ NPT, ¼” BSP/NPT.

Mounting : Wall Mounting and Table (Stand)  Mounting STAND MOUNTED

 Manometer will be provided with C.I.3 legged Stand, having 3 Nos leveling screw and attachedRound Type Bull Eye Spirit Level.

Arrangements : Fill Plug, Drain Plug, Levelling Screw, Spirit Level,‘0’ Adjustment Knob.

Ranges Available
( mmWc / mmHg )

0 to 100
0 to 250
0 to 300
0 to 500
0 to 760
0 to 1000
0 to 1500
0 to 2000
0 to 3000

Single Limb Manometer in Wooden Body

Wooden board type Single Limb Manometers are available for commercial use.Straight Glass Limb is end fitted with Aluminium
Blocks. An Acrylic direct reading scale and
Stailnless Steel Reserve pot is Provided.

Available in Wall Mounting / Table Mounting.

Range :  From 0 to 10000 mWc, VAC 0 to -760 mmHg