Signal Isolators

Product Description

Single/Dual and Three/Four output Signal Isolator

9000U series of Signal Isolators are rugged and accurate in performance, designed to accept wide range of voltage and current input signals. It isolates and regenerates or converts input to standard signals for further interfacing in automation environment.

9000U is available in two models, Single/Dual output and Three/Four output. Signal Isolator retransmits analog signal with galvanic isolation between the field and the receiving instrument. This allows ground or reference levels to float up to thousands of volts at its input terminals without contaminating input signal and saving control system from damage. Its higher noise rejection ratio ensures accurate and noise free signal conditioning.

With multiple outputs this model also acts as signal distributors. A typical application could be where the signal has to be distributed for indication on local panel, field control room, main control room and DCS system. 9000U has built-in transmitter power supply to drive field transmitters. It has both 90-265VAC and 24VDC power supply options. It is available in compact DIN rail mounting enclosure.


  • Up to 4 different outputs channels
  • 0.1percentage Accuracy
  • 1.5KV Isolation between I/P, O/P and supply
  • All standard current/voltage input/output options
  • Non-standard input/output options also available
  • 90-265VAC and 24VDC Power supply (Options)
  • Compact DIN rail enclosure
  • Built in transmitter supply