Safe control components

Product Description

A sensor alone does not make a safe workplace

Not until the safety sensors are efficiently and reliably integrated in the machine safety circuit can the topic of safety at work be implemented in such a way that the sensors do not interfere with the machine processes and yet still offer the best-possible protection. Our Safety Relays and AS-Interface solutions open all possibilities to you here.

With a width of just 17.5 mm (MSI-RM2) and 22.5 mm (MSI-SR4, MSI-2H), these Safety Relays are characterized by very narrow housings. As a result, you can realize the one- or two-channel connection of safety-related sensors in a space-saving and simple manner over up to three switch-off circuits for many applications.

With the programmable Safety Controllers, you obtain a system solution for small- to medium-size machines with maximum flexibility. In addition to the simple handling during start-up and the flexible configuration option with broad, on-board functionality, the simple expandability through safe I/O modules is an advantage. Communication modules for integration in the fieldbus level can also be integrated problem-free. Based on the MSIsafesoft programming software, the safety sensors of a machine can be efficiently integrated through the use of function modules and logic blocks.

Due to its simplicity and the very broad range of products, the AS-Interface Safety at Work has developed into the market leader for safe networks on the actuator/sensor automation level. Compared to conventional point-to-point wiring, AS-Interface (AS-i) excels with its low installation, wiring and connection costs. The very simple retrofitability of the safety technology with larger AS-i systems can further greatly reduce installation costs.