RF identification

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Product Description

Everything clear even with poor visibility

Compared to conventional identification systems, RFID technology has one decisive advantage: no direct “visible contact” is necessary between the read/write unit and the transponder to read out information. An RFID system consists of a read/write unit, a transponder and the associated software. Information from the transponder is detected by means of electromagnetic waves. As a result, these systems can be used practically and reliably under even the most adverse conditions.

One of the big advantages of this technology becomes clear with stationary systems for RFID identification: in order to detect objects, it is enough to simply be “near” the reader. As a result, readers can be integrated at nearly any location in the system. In the area of RFID, Leuze electronic offers technical solutions that are oriented towards practical use. Their maximum connectivity with all common interface and fieldbus systems simplifies integration in existing systems.

RFID is also ideally suited for mobile use. One favorite area of application is, for example, in freight traffic at logistics hubs. But mobile devices are often advantageous in warehousing as well and guarantee smooth and fast identification. Moreover, our RFID solutions also read bar codes and 2D-codes.

The areas of application for RFID are as broad as the requirements placed on transponders. Leuze electronic offers an extensive and high-quality product segment for all conceivable applications. It includes transponders for fault-free use on metal, high-temperature transponders, self-adhesive SmartLabels or chip cards.