Refrigeration Diff pressure Control Switches – Type- MP

Product Description

Type MP 55 is a differential pressure control, used as a safety device on pressure lubricated refrigeration compressors, where under any operating conditions the lubricating oil pressure has to be kept at a higher pressure than the suction pressure or crankcase pressure.

The device is enclosed in a mild steel housing. All parts are rust proofed to ensure long life. The device includes an inbuilt time delay relay and has to be manually reset once the circuit is broken. The device has clearly read setting scale.

MP-55 differential Pressure Switches find applications in :
Refrigeration Compressors


Enclosure : Mild Steel ( Zinc plated Chrome passivated )
Enclosure Protection : IP:33, Dust proof
Sensing Element : SS Bellows
Cable Entry : Rubber Plug suitable for cables from 6 to 14 mm dia
Mounting : Surface/Panel
Max Process Temp. : 100°C
Max Ambient Temp. : -40 to 70°C
Switch Type : 1 SPDT
Switch Rating : 2 A 250 VAC, 0.2 A inductive 250 VDC
Time Delay Relay : 220 V AC/DC in case of MP-55/MP-55A, 110 V AC/DC in case of MP-55X