Refrigerated Air Dryer – IDF-IDU

Product Description

Series/CADApplicable compressorAir flow capacity m3/min (ANR)
50 Hz60 Hz
IDF1E to 75E0.75 to 75 kW0.10 to 11.00.12 to 12.4
IDF120D to 240D120 to 240 kW20.0 to 43.023.0 to 50.0
IDF370B370 kW54.065.0
IDU3E to 75E2.2 to 75 kW0.32 to 11.00.37 to 12.5
  • Increases the air flow rate by a maximum of 40%*. (SMC comparison)
  • Reduces the power consumption by a maximum of 40%*. (SMC comparison)
  • Refrigerant:
    R134a (HFC) [IDF1E to 15E/IDU3E to 15E]
    R407C (HFC) [IDF22E to 240D/IDU22E to 75E]
  • Improved corrosion resistance with the use of a stainless steel, plate type heat changer. (IDF4E to 75E/IDU3E to 75E)