Pressure Recorders

Product Description

Circular Chart Pressure Recorders are technically proven instruments for the Performance, ruggedness, durability & accuracy and are used for recording pressure variations in any process industry.

Working Principle

Pressure :

Rise in pressure deflects  the sensing  element which is connected by mechanical linkage to the Pen arm, which records the Pressure on suitably calibrated chart. This chart will be rotated anticlockwise with the help of chart drive at  a constant speed. This  helps us to find out  pressure variations at any point of the time period.



Pressure Recorder

Chart size : 250 mm / 150 mm Circular
Accuracy : ± 1percentage full Scale
Ranges   : 0-700 bar
Unit  : bar, kg/cm2, psi, mmHg, mtWC
Sensing Element : AISI 316
Mounting   : Wall or Panel
Process Connection: 3/8” BSP (M) Standard
Case : Sheet Steel / Aluminum
Window : Toughened Glass
Chart Drive : Mechanical / Electrical / Quartz
Rotation : Mechanical–24 hrs.(std.)
No. of Pens : Single or Double pen
Type : Disposable
Contacts : Minimum or Maximum (single)