5030 Legacy PID Controller

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Product Description

Advanced, Precise and Simple.

5030 provides advanced and easy to configure solution for precise process control applications with PID algorithm. It accepts range of universal inputs for heating, cooling, analog output, and alarm functions to automate demanding control applications.

Advanced Interfacing

User has choice to use three alarm relays with 12 types of set-points. 5030 has both digital and analog interface to communicate all important parameters with SCADA/PLC/DCS applications through RS485 for further process automation.

Precise Control

5030 offers smooth process control with its proven PID method and all configurable parameters. All process parameters are fully configurable for optimized use of control relay or SSR using PID or On-Off method for various applications like heating, cooling or motorised valve control.

Configuration is simple using five front keys and intuitive display prompts. Instant monitoring of process status is possible with Bargraph and LED display over basic seven-segment display for process and set value status.


  • Universal inputs (TC, RTD, mA, V)
  • Heating, cooling and alarm outputs
  • Up to three alarm relays
  • Remote set-point for cascade control
  • Motorised Valve output
  • Configurable control parameters
  • Simultaneous PV, SV, MV display
  • Isolated retransmission & TPS output
  • RS485 Modbus-RTU


  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Reheat furnaces
  • Ceramic Kilns
  • Glass Industry
  • Flow/ Pressure control
  • Distillation and Reactor control in Chemical plants
  • Water and Waste Water control