Optoelectronic safety sensors

Product Description

Everything for safety

Whether individual devices or optimally matched sets: in our extensive line of safety sensors, you will always find a suitable and efficient safety solution for point-of-operation, danger-zone and access guarding. All devices satisfy the applicable legal regulations and standards.

Reliable and interference-immune sensor safety technology ensures high system availability and productivity. Thus, in addition to the safety standards, high industrial requirements also played a key role in the development of all Safety Light Curtains. Wherever man and machine work “hand in hand”, Safety Light Curtains can be used vertically as hand and finger protection, as access guarding as well as horizontally as area protection. With respect to integration capability, availability and cost effectiveness, they meet the highest requirements.

Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices with muting function ensure constant personnel protection (access guarding) with unobstructed material infeed, e.g., in conveyor systems. They thereby help to ensure that both the productivity requirements as well as the safety requirements are met for automated production systems. Options such as the integrated Laser Alignment Aid, an integrated muting indicator and the patented swivel mount for easy fastening and alignment round out the program.

Due to their compact dimensions, Single Light Beam Safety Devices are able to make full use of their advantages in constrained spaces or where no flat planar areas exist. They can be very flexibly integrated in various installation heights as well as in existing machine designs and very reliably perform a wide range of detection, identification and protection tasks here.

Safety Laser Scanners offer extremely flexible and universal workplace protection, which can be individually adjusted to any requirement and can be very easily integrated into every production process. The immense flexibility of the Safety Laser Scanner is the result of the independent protective/warning field pairs, which can assume any field contours as well as the ability to change over between these pairs. Because of its compact construction, the ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanner enables a flexible installation position and use in mobile applications.

If you would like to more easily and more quickly implement access guarding with reduced logistical work, Light Beam Safety Device Sets are an attractive solution. Components that are electronically and mechanically optimized to one another and which are equipped with connectors ensure fast start-up of the Plug & Play complete solutions.