Mercury in Steel Temerature Gauges

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Product Description

These thermometers enable measurement of temperature with an accuracy of +1percentage of the maximum scale value. This kind of thermometer system comprises a sensor bulb, transmitting capillary and a case containing a Bourdon Tube element. The system is filled with pressurised mercury. Temperature variation is measured by the Bourdon Tube system, and indicated on a dial.


Rigid stem & Distant type Mercury-in-steel dial thermometer
Dial size100 mm & 150 mm
Accuracy+ 1percentage of F S D
Thermal systemSAMA Class VB
Bulb, Stem & Conn. materialAISI 316 SS
Bulb diameter10,12 & 16 mmThe smaller the bulb dia longer will be the immersion length (sensitive portion). Detailed information is available from us on request.
Immersion lengthMin. 150mm, Max. upto 1000 mm
Connection size(i) ½” BSP (M)/NPT (M), M20 x 1.5 (M), ¾”
BSP (M)/NPT (M) & BSPT (M)
(ii) Flanged-Optional
EnclosureDie-cast aluminium weather proof to IP-65Pressed AISI 304 SS weather proof as per IP-65 self colour finish.
  • Vertical bottom with adjustable union.
  • Horizontal back with adjustable union.
  • Flush panel with back entry. (Remote sensing).
CapillaryStandard – 1 mtr to 20 mtrs
Type of CapillaryAISI 316 SS capillary covered with AISI 304 ss flexible armoured
Over range protection120percentage upto 400ºC, 115percentage above 400ºC
Standard range ºC(-) 30 to (+) 70, 0 to 60, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 450 & 600.
Optional AccessoriesThermowell