Measuring forked sensors

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Product Description

Fork is just another word for exact

The forked shape offers measurement resolutions as great as 0.014 mm with high reproducibility without time-consuming alignment. An infrared light-band illuminates a line-scan camera (CCD line) and returns analog or digital output signals depending on the illuminated pixels and configuration.

With mouth widths of 27 or 100 mm, this forked photoelectric sensor delivers accurate measurement results over a 25 mm long measurement range thanks to its CCD line. Depending on the configuration, it is possible to measure transparent edges, the diameters of wires, threads and much more.


  • Measurement range 25 mm
  • Resolution: 14 μm
  • - Configurable measurement range and measure mode
  • Teach-in function, switching or warning output
  • Multiple object detection
  • Standard interface (RS 232) for configuration and visualization
  • M 12 data interface (process interface) with analog or digital data output
  • GS754B:
  • Detection of transparent media
  • M12 turning connector