Inclined Manometers

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Product Description

Inclined Tube Manometer utilize expanded scales for unusual sensitivity for fast, easy reading of low pressures, draft of small differential pressure. They are available in simple Standard Models as well as extreme precision inclined Manometers.

Acrylic Body Inclined Tube Manometer

INDUS solid acrylic body portable manometers are fabricated from 1″ thick, clear acrylic block. Unbreakable, stable and free of distortion, consisting of drilled-in indicating limbs & tanks with high precision & accuracy. An acrylic/aluminium scale is provided which is calibrated in the specified range.

Well Type Inclined Tube Manometer

Industrial grade High Accuracy Manometer, consisting of stainless steel wells and fittings, aluminium casing from three sides and transparent acrylic front cover protected with metallic frame. Straight BOROSIL Indicating Glass Tube gland packed in end SS block to facilitate easy removal. An Acrylic scale is provided which is calibrated in the specified Range.

Mounting : Wall Mounting, Table Mounting Plush Or Panel Mounting Available

Standard Accessories

Scale ’0′ knob
Spirit Level
Drain Plug
Connecting Rubber/PVC Tubing
Connections and
Panel Mounting Holes provided

Connection Options

a. Nozzle Type
b. Female Screwed Type
c. Male Screwed Type
d. Any other

Least Count:
0.1, 0.2, 0.25 and 0.5 depending upon ranges.
Any in-between range will be manufactured on request.

Available Ranges

-1 to +5 mmWc        0 to 50 mmWc
-1 to +10 mmWc      0 to 75 mmWc
-5 to +5 mmWc        0 to 100 mmWc
0 to 10 mmWc          0 to 150 mmWc
0 to 15 mmWc          0 to 200 mmWc
0 to 25 mmWc          0 to 500 mmWc
0 to 30 mmWc          0 to 1000 mmWc