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Float Type Level Switches

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Product Description


  • Short description:Low cost, reliable solution without the need of external power supply
  • Operating principle:Depending on the float position the gravitational force operates an incorporated microswitch
  • Mounting, Adjustment:Float hanged by its cable
  • Setting of the switching point(s):By lowering to the desired switching point
  • Material of wetted parts:Double chamber float, PP housing, PVC or Neoprene cable
  • Housing material:Polypropylene


  • Special applications, advantages: Mercury-free microswitch. Direct pump control up to 1.1kW
  • Suggested applications:Level switching in tanks, pools. Adjustable switch differential, filling-emptying control. Fail-save switch
  • Measurable mediums:Approved for drinking water. Industrial and communal waste water
  • Application restrictions:Impurities or solid particles that influence the movement or the weight of the float


  • Medium temperature:0…+50°C
  • Process pressure:Max 2 bar
  • Output:SPDT switch; 250 V AC 16A
  • Ingress protection:IP68