Evaporator Thermostats Type 2KS/2KD

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Product Description


Type 2KS / 2KD thermostats are temperature control devices for controlling the temperature of refrigerated or air conditioned spaces. These devices cut off the compressor motor when the temperature falls to a preset value and restart the compressor when the temperature rises by a fixed value. The cut off temperature can be adjusted by turning the knob within specified limits. 2KS / 2KD thermostats are very compact in size. All metallic patrs are either non corrosive in nature Stainless steel) or Zinc plated.

2KS / 2KD utilize a seamless bellows and capillary as the sensing element. This sensing element is filled with suitable charge. The pressure of the charge in this sensing element changes with the changes in temperature and is utilized to operate an electrical contact system. The electric contact system is snap acting type which reduces wear and enhances life of the thermostat.

Type 2KS/2KD thermostats find application in :

  • Refrigerators ( Defrost & Non defrost type )
  • Refrigerators ( Frost Free type )
  • Water coolers / Beverage coolers / Visi Coolers
  • Ice cream cabinets
  • Air-Conditioners (Cooling only)
  • Air-Conditioners (heat/cool type)
  • Freezers / Deep Freezers
  • Car Air-Conditioners


Sensing Element : Phosphor Bronze Bellows with tin plated copper capillary
Switch Type : 1 SPST Close on rise in temperature or 1 SPDT
Switching Rating : 6A 240 VAC (20 A 240 VAC for Air-conditioner & Water Cooler Models)
Mounting : Standard two screws (M4) mounting at 55 mm c/c, other options like 68 mm
c/c, 33 mm c/c or central mounting (M10 nut) also available.