Dead Weight Testers

Product Description

Dead Weight Testers are the most accurate and stable pressure standards and are widely used in industry, academia and research institutes to calibrate pressure measurement devices like pressure transmitters and pressure gauges &  Hydrotesting of pipeline. We also manufacturer of  Pneumatic Dead Weight Tester & Piston Gauge.


Measurement of pressure, calibration of pressure transmitter, pressure gauges and pressure switches

Standard Features:

  • Accuracy : 0.015percentage of reading
  • Over All Range:1-2000 bar or10-30000 psi
  • Operating Fluid: Hydraulic Oil & Water (Depends on model Chosen)

Standard Accessories:

  • 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ BSP Adaptors
  • Instruction Manual, Spare Seals,Dust Cover
  • Set of Weights in Carry Box, Tool Bag
  • Hydraulic Fluid (½ Liter) & Seal Kit
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate

Optional Accessories:

  • 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ NPT Adaptors
  • Pointer Puller, Pointer Punch
  • Carrying box for tester

Operating Principle:

Fluid Pressure generated by a screw pump acts on the bottom of a vertically free floating piston. The force produced pushes the loaded free piston vertically upwards. The piston floats freely in its cylinder and the pressure in the circuit will be determined by the weights loaded on the piston divided by the effective area of the piston with corrections for value of acceleration due to gravity, air buoyancy, surface tension and datum level difference.

Materials of Construction:

  • Piston: Tungsten Carbide/HCHC
  • Cylinder: Tungsten Carbide/HCHC
  • Internals: Austenitic 300 series Stainless steel
  • Mass Set: Austenitic 300 series Stainless steel

Standard Parameters

  • Gravity: 9.80665 m/s²
  • Temperature: 23º Celsius
  • Air Density: 1.2 kg/m³

Standard Manufacturing Program

Standard Manufacturing Program*

Oil Operated Dual Piston Models

Water Operated Dual Piston Models

Model No.


REW 300HAO/1REW 300HAO/2REW 300HAO/30.2-100 bar0.2-100 kg/cm210-1500 psi
REW 301HAO/1REW 301HAO/2REW 301HAO/30.2-160 bar0.2-160 kg/cm210-2000 psi
REW 302HAO/1REW 302HAO/2REW 302HAO/31-250 bar1-250 kg/cm210-3500 psi
REW 312HAO/1REW 312HAO/2REW 312HAO/31-300 bar1-300 kg/cm210-4000 psi
REW 322HAO/1REW 322HAO/2REW 322HAO/31-350 bar1-350 kg/cm210-5000 psi
REW 303HAO/1REW 303HAO/2REW 303HAO/31-400 bar1-400 kg/cm210-6000 psi
REW 313HAO/1REW 313HAO/2REW 313HAO/31-600 bar1-600 kg/cm210-8000 psi
REW 304HAO/1REW 304HAO/2REW 304HAO/31-700 bar1-700 kg/cm210-10000 psi
REW 307HAO/1REW 307HAO/2REW 307HAO/31-1000 bar1-1000 kg/cm210-15000 psi
REW 308HAO/1REW 308HAO/2REW 308HAO/31-1100 bar1-1100 kg/cm210-16000 psi
REW 309HAO/1REW 309HAO/2REW 309HAO/31-1400 bar1-1400 kg/cm210-20000 psi
REW 310HAO/1REW 310HAO/2REW 310HAO/31-2000 bar1-2000 kg/cm210-30000 psi

Model No.


REW 300HAW/1REW 300HAW/2REW 300HAW/31-100 bar1-100 kg/cm210-1500 psi
REW 301HAW/1REW 301HAW/2REW 301HAW/31-160 bar1-160 kg/cm210-2000 psi
REW 302HAW/1REW 302HAW/2REW 302HAW/31-250 bar1-250 kg/cm210-3500 psi
REW 312HAW/1REW 312HAW/2REW 312HAW/31-300 bar1-300 kg/cm210-4000 psi
REW 322HAW/1REW 322HAW/2REW 322HAW/31-350 bar1-350 kg/cm210-5000 psi
REW 303HAW/1REW 303HAW/2REW 303HAW/31-400 bar1-400 kg/cm210-6000 psi
REW 313HAW/1REW 313HAW/2REW 313HAW/31-600 bar1-600 kg/cm210-8000 psi
REW 304HAW/1REW 304HAW/2REW 304HAW/31-700 bar1-700 kg/cm210-10000 psi
REW 307HAW/1REW 307HAW/2REW 307HAW/31-1000 bar1-1000 kg/cm210-15000 psi
REW 308HAW/1REW 308HAW/2REW 308HAW/31-1100 bar1-1100 kg/cm210-16000 psi
REW 309HAW/1REW 309HAW/2REW 309HAW/31-1400 bar1-1400 kg/cm210-20000 psi
REW 310HAW/1REW 310HAW/2REW 310HAW/31-2000 bar1-2000 kg/cm210-30000 psi

Oil Operated Single Piston Models

Model No.


REW 103HAO/1REW 103HAO/2REW 103HAO/30.2-20 bar0.2-20 kg/cm210-300 psi
REW 104HAO/1REW 104HAO/2REW 104HAO/31-35 bar1-35 kg/cm210-500 psi
REW 105HAO/1REW 105HAO/2REW 105HAO/31-50 bar1-50 kg/cm210-700 psi
REW 107HAO/1REW 107HAO/2REW 107HAO/32-100 bar2-100 kg/cm220-1500 psi
REW 108HAO/1REW 108HAO/2REW 108HAO/32-120 bar2-120 kg/cm220-1800 psi
REW 109HAO/1REW 109HAO/2REW 109HAO/32-250 bar2-250 kg/cm220-3500 psi
REW 200HAO/1REW 200HAO/2REW 200HAO/310-350 bar10-350 kg/cm2100-5000 psi
REW 201HAO/1REW 201HAO/2REW 201HAO/310-400 bar10-400 kg/cm2100-6000 psi
REW 202HAO/1REW 202HAO/2REW 202HAO/310-700 bar10-700 kg/cm2100-10000 psi
REW 203HAO/1REW 203HAO/2REW 203HAO/320-1000 bar20-1000 kg/cm2400-16000 psi
REW 204HAO/1REW 204HAO/2REW 204HAO/320-1400 bar20-1400 kg/cm2400-20000 psi
REW 205HAO/1REW 205HAO/2REW 205HAO/320-2000 bar20-2000 kg/cm2400-30000 psi

Water Operated Single Piston Models

Model No.


REW 103HAW/1REW 103HAW/2REW 103HAW/31-20 bar1-20 kg/cm210-300 psi
REW 104HAW/1REW 104HAW/2REW 104HAW/31-35 bar1-35 kg/cm210-500 psi
REW 105HAW/1REW 105HAW/2REW 105HAW/31-50 bar1-50 kg/cm210-700 psi
REW 107HAW/1REW 107HAW/2REW 107HAW/32-100 bar2-100 kg/cm220-1500 psi
REW 108HAW/1REW 108HAW/2REW 108HAW/32-120 bar2-120 kg/cm220-1800 psi
REW 109HAW/1REW 109HAW/2REW 109HAW/32-250 bar2-250 kg/cm220-3500 psi
REW 200HAW/1REW 200HAW/2REW 200HAW/310-350 bar10-350 kg/cm2100-5000 psi
REW 201HAW/1REW 201HAW/2REW 201HAW/310-400 bar10-400 kg/cm2100-6000 psi
REW 202HAW/1REW 202HAW/2REW 202HAW/310-700 bar10-700 kg/cm2100-10000 psi
REW 203HAW/1REW 203HAW/2REW 203HAW/320-1000 bar20-1000 kg/cm2400-16000 psi
REW 204HAW/1REW 204HAW/2REW 204HAW/320-1400 bar20-1400 kg/cm2400-20000 psi
REW 205HAW/1REW 205HAW/2REW 205HAW/320-2000 bar20-2000 kg/cm2400-30000 psi