Contrast scanners

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Product Description

The contrast makes the difference

This sensor type can use various light sources – such as white light, laser-generated red light or RGB light – to very precisely detect and compare contrasts and report the results to the process with minimal signal jitter. Through the automatic selection of the right transmitter colors, various color or gray value combinations can be reliably detected.

Contrast scanners distinguish between grayscale values, enabling them to detect minimal contrasts. As a result, a check can be performed for the presence of text or imprints or so-called marks detected.


  • Scanning range 14.5 mm/ 60 mm (laser)
  • Multicolor (RGB), white or laser light
  • Various teach-in processes,
  • Switching-threshold correction via EasyTune
  • Min. response time 50 µs
  • Switching frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Pulse stretching
  • IO-Link interfac