Comparison Test Pumps

Product Description

Pressure Comparators

Comparison Test Pumps are lightweight pressure sources that are used to smoothly generate and set pressures at two test points, and the calibration is performed by comparing the result of a master gauge with the gauge under test. The customer needs to additionally order master gauges with these pumps to make use of them.


Site calibration of analog gauges and verification of pressure transmitters or switches.

Standard Accessories:

  • 1/8″,1/4″,3/8″,1/2″ BSP Adaptors
  • Instruction Manual, Dust Cover
  • Spare Seals , Tool Bag
  • Dust Cover
  • Operating fluid for oil based instruments only

Optional Accessories:

  • 1/8″,1/4″,3/8″,1/2″ NPT Adaptors
  • Angle Adaptor for back mounting gauges
  • Pointer Puller &  Pointer Punch

Operating Principle:

Fluid Pressure generated by a screw pump is made available at two test ports. A suitable master gauge (not part of supply) is fixed at one port and the gauge under test is fixed on the second port.

Special Features:

  • Range : Vacuum-2000 bar
  • Accuracy : Depends on master gauge used
  • Pressure Generation : Direct via ram screw
  • Weight : 10 kg, 20 kg for Vacuum

Materials of Construction:

  • Internals: Mainly Stainless steel
  • Base:  Aluminum

 Standard Manufacturing Program


Oil Operated Models

Model No.         Range
REP 11              0-160 bar0-160 kg/cm2   0-2000 psi
REP 12              0-300 bar0-300 kg/cm2   0-4000 psi
REP 21              0-700 bar0-700 kg/cm2   0-10000 psi
REP 22              0-1000 bar0-1000 kg/cm2   0-15000 psi
REP 23              0-1400 bar0-1400 kg/cm2   0-20000 psi
REP 24              0-2000 bar0-2000 kg/cm2  0-30000 psi

Water Operated Models

Model No.                Range
REP 611                   0-160 bar0-160 kg/cm2    0-2000 psi
REP 612                   0-300 bar0-300 kg/cm2    0-4000 psi
REP 621                   0-700 bar0-700 kg/cm2    0-10000 psi
REP 622                   0-1000 bar0-1000 kg/cm2  0-15000 psi
REP 623                   0-1400 bar0-1400 kg/cm2  0-20000 psi
REP 624                   0-2000 bar0-2000 kg/cm2   0-30000 psi

Air Operated Models

(No external supply required)
Model No.           Range
REV 51                -0.9 to +10 bar
REV 51                -710 to +7600mmHg