Bicolor / Colour port Level Gauges

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Product Description

Bicolour/colour port type level gauge

Bicolour and colour port level gauges are basically through vision type level gauges having a taper type gauge body to get the bicolour effect.


  • Imported superior borosilicate glasses (Aluminosilicate disc glasses in case of colour port type)
  • Standard or 3 piece cover (for bicolour type), for high pressure applications.
  • Ball check arrangement as optional.
  • Engraved aluminium /stainless steel scale (optional)
  • Good visibility even upto 20 M below vessel location.
  • Chain operated valves if reqd.
  • Expansion loops in case of high pressure and temperature applications.
  • Tie-bar/stand pipe for added robustness, more compactness and better circulation.
  • High quality forged parts in carbon steel/stainless steel.
  • Non-flameproof or flameproof illuminators (as per IS 2148:1981 for Gr. IIA, IIB or IIC gases) fitted in stainless steel costings.
  • High quality (stained ‘first’ quality or ‘A’ quality) mica.
  • IBR/Lloyds certificate (if required)
  • Colour port type visibility per port is 20 mm and centre to centre distance between adjacent ports in normally 75 mm.


Clear non-viscous liquids, normally used for boiler drum level indication, specially when level is required to be observed at operation floor level.