Bi-Metal Thermometer

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Product Description

The bi-metallic element consists of two strips of different metals, with different thermal expansion coefficients, inseparably joined together. This strip is spirally or helically wound with one end fixed to the body of the thermometer, and the other attached to the axis of a pointer. Measurement of temperature is made with the bi-metallic system inside the temperature sensor. Temperature variation influences the bi-metallic strip such as to rotate the pointer; this rotation is indicated on a dial.


Bi-metallic Thermometer
TypeRigid stems
Accuracy+ 1percentage of F.S.D.
Stem of connection metalsAISI 316 SS
Immersion LengthAdjustable between 75 mm to 300 mm.
EnclosureCast aluminium stove enamelled Black with weather-proof as per IP 65 for 100 & 150 mm dial sizes

Pressed AISI 304 ss self colour finish with weather-proof as per IP 65 for 100 & 150 mm dial sizes

Dial size63 mm, 100mm & 150 mm.
SensorBimetallic strip
Stem Diameter6 mm / 8 mm
Connection½” BSP (M) / NPT (M)
MountingHorizontal (Co-axial)
Standard range ºC(-) 30 to (+) 70, 0 to 60, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 & 300.
Optional AccessoriesThermowell