Bar Graph Indicators

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Product Description

Instant Monitoring, Accurate Control

40005 Bargraph Indicators are economic solution where instant process monitoring is important. It is available with single and dual Red color 101-segment display for relative monitoring of one or two process in single unit. It also shows numerical process value on 4-digit seven-segment and alarm status on front LEDs. Bargraph Indicator is a popular replacement for sight-glass or moving coil mechanical displays as a result of advanced functions and reliable performance.

Model-40005 accepts 12 popular field configurable inputs including Thermocouple, RTD, mA, V. It optionally provides two alarms per channel with individual programmable relays to inform operator for abnormal process conditions.

These Indicators can be interfaced with SCADA/PLC using RS485 communication and analog retransmission output for process automation. It has built-in function of square root extractor to display process value in linear unit. These interfaces and functions can be configured easily using front keys.

It has power supply option of SMPS (90-270VAC) or 24VDC. It is also equipped with transmitter power supply to excite field sensor/transmitter. Units-of-measure window allows the scale to be labeled.


  • 101 LED Bar with 1percentage Resolution
  • Universal input (TC, RTD, mV, mA, V)
  • 4-digit seven-segment LED
  • Alarm Status LEDs
  • Two alarm outputs
  • RS485 serial communication
  • Retransmission output
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Customizable units-of-measure window
  • Square root extractor