Bar code identification

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Bar codes have become a fixed part of today’s global economy. We are all familiar with them from the supermarket checkout, but the identification of goods and materials by universally used bar codes also controls many processes in logistics and in many production lines. The area of application of readers is correspondingly broad – from mobile hand-held operation to high-speed scanners for industrial applications.

Regardless of the area of application and the requirements you place on stationary bar code scanners, you are certain to find the right model in our mature family of bar code readers. Select the right line and raster scanner from various sizes, designs and performance levels. High scanning rates of up to 1000 scans/s, the smallest installation dimensions, particularly robust housings and even integrated heating for use in low-temperature applications are certain to perfectly meet the individual requirements of your application.

It is often not possible to use stationary scanners, for example in warehousing and logistics, if the bar codes are affixed at different locations on merchandise and materials. Used in this case are mobile bar code readers, which function as imagers and can read all common bar codes omnidirectionally. Depending on the area of application, models with wireless transmission or even combi devices, which can read 2D-codes and even RFID, can be chosen.