85XX 24-Channel Scanner DAQ Module

Product Description

The Most Advanced 24-Channel Scanner

The 85XX was designed as a result of knowledge achieved in Masibus’ thirty-five plus years of experience in the process control domain. With ever-changing market and technology need Masibus has been leading the way, meeting the challenging needs of the control segment. Balancing an easy to use monitoring unit with the power to handle your most challenging applications, is the 85XX.

Given below are the four most powerful features of 85XX.


85XX has excellent hardware and software configurability to serve diverse applications from front keys or using mSCAN software. It has 24 channels accepting universal input and 8 relays or 48 open collector outputs. It is available in three variations of 8, 16 or 24 channels with field up gradation option in 8/16 channel scanner for higher channels. In addition to most of popular process inputs, Model 85XX can also accept special RTDs like Cu-53 & Pt-46 3W.


All I/O cards of 85XX are plug-in type providing real comfort in installation and maintenance. The terminal back-plate is pluggable type which can be detached from the instrument without removing field connections, helping increase in process uptime and ease of operation.

Comfortable Programming

User has freedom to program individual alarm, trip set-points and logic individually or group wise. Channels can be configured up to 6 groups with two relay outputs per group. Two discrete LEDs are provided per channel for visual annunciation. User gets ultimate comfort with individual operation key available for control and programming. Model 85XX comes with four level password protection for all configurable data.

Networking (Communication and Data Logging)

85XX has RS485 serial communication as an option. Both parallel and serial printer port options allow user to get report without need of PC or dedicated recorder. Data logging feature facilitates user to log 5MB periodic data and 1MB event data. Masibus provides mSCAN, a Data Acquisition and Monitoring software to see graphical and tabular presentation of real-time and historical data. It also has optional retransmission output channels (up to 4) which are user configurable for group mapping.


  • 8/16/24 channel configurations
  • High noise rejection and isolation
  • Universal input for each channel-mix
  • Comprehensive alarm/trip logics
  • Individual or group alarms
  • RS485 Serial communication
  • Live, remote data viewing
  • Direct serial printer interface
  • 48 open collector outputs
  • Retransmission output (Isolated)
  • Weather proof flame proof enclosure


  • Motor protection: Winding & Bearing temperature
  • Air compressor, pump, DG temperature monitoring
  • Drying Ovens
  • Fermentation Processes
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Retorts and Cooking Processes
  • Sintering Furnaces for processing metals and ceramics
  • Heat Treatment: to achieve desired result f hardening or softening material
  • Power Monitoring