8208 8-Channel Scanner DAQ Module

Product Description

Compact, Advanced and Fast

The 8208 is succeeding the most popular range of 85XX scanners. It offers the host of features in compact 1/4 DIN size for multi-channel process monitoring with advanced functions and simple programming.

8208 has excellent software configurability for 8 channels accepting universal input and 4 relays to serve diverse applications. User has facility to program individual alarm, trip set-points and logic individually or group wise. Channels can be configured up to 4 groups with two relay outputs per group. Two discrete LEDs are provided per channel and one LED per relay for indication.

It has built-in RS485 serial communication port. It also has optional retransmission output with high accuracy for communication with PLC/DAS/SCADA.


  • Universal Input
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Fast channel scanning
  • Configuration levels with password
  • Configuration and calibration from front keys
  • Isolated RS845 port with Modbus-RTU
  • Full mapping flexibility of four relays and groups
  • Comprehensive Alarm/Trip logic programming
  • User-friendly design


  • Motor protection: Winding & Bearing temperature
  • Air compressor, pump, DG temperature monitoring
  • Drying Ovens
  • Fermentation Processes
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Retorts and Cooking Processes
  • Sintering Furnaces for processing metals and ceramics
  • Heat Treatment: to achieve desired result f hardening or softening material
  • Power Monitoring