5002U Legacy OnOff Controller

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Product Description

5002U is the legacy product with proven performance for versatile process control applications. It is a most popular On-Off controller delivering high performance since two decades. This model is available in 1/4 DIN Size metallic enclosure as well as Weather proof (IP 55) or flame proof enclosures in wall mounted options.

Flexible Configuration

5002U accepts inputs from wide range of Thermocouples, RTD, Current and Voltage signals. It can be configured for control and alarm actions using 11 different set points with On-Off control method. This controller has a unique one-shot, calibration algorithm which calibrates the input type in one-shot (avoiding iterative procedure) when ever input type is changed.

Analog and Digital Communication

This controller provides accurate retransmission of process values as analog signal and as data to interface with PLC/DCS/SCADA. The zero and span of the retransmission signal automatically aligns itself with the zero and span selected for the digital display.

5002U has three auxiliary power supply options of 110/230VAC or 24VDC. This model has option of transmitter power supply eliminating the need of additional supply to excite field transmitter.


  • Universal inputs (TC, RTD, mA, V)
  • Accuracy of 0.1percentage FS
  • One-shot Calibration algorithm
  • Up to 4 independent programmable relays
  • Retransmission output (Isolated)
  • RS 485 Serial communication
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Weather proof flame proof enclosure