405-4IN Large Display Indicator

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Product Description

Largest Display with Advanced Features

405-4IN is the largest display Indicator which can be monitored up to distance of 160 feet (50 m). Its large digits facilitate process value to be monitored across wider geographical area in plant. It has all advanced features for monitoring and communication of process values.

This Indicator accepts 18 different industry standard inputs with high accuracy of 0.1percentage to measure temperature, pressure and other process variables. It can be interfaced with SCADA/PLC using RS485 communication and analog retransmission output for process automation. RS485 and retransmission parameters can be configured as per filed requirements.

Alarm can be configured for two set points which are indicated on front Status LEDs. This Indicator has SMPS power supply for smooth and reliable performance. It is also equipped with transmitter power supply.


  • 4” Large LED Display
  • 18 selectable input types (TC, RTD, mV, mA, V)
  • Transmitter Power Supply
  • RS485 serial communication
  • Programmable retransmission output
  • Two programmable alarm outputs
  • Available as Panel/ Wall mounting