Transparent Level Gauges

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Product Description

Transparent Level Gauges employ two transparent glasses fitted with a liquid chamber on either side. The liquid level is indicated as a result of difference in the transparent properties of the two media. For water / steam applications, an illuminator is mounted on the rear side of the gauge with its light rays deflected upward into the water column. This enables the observer to see illuminated surface of the water as the light rays impinged on the surface of separation between water and steam are reflected back to the eye of the observer.


  • C/C Distance: Up to 3000mm; single piece liquid chamber
  • Materials: Carbon steel and stainless steel as standard. Others on request
  • Glass: Toughened Borosilicate
  • Connections: Flanged, screwed, or socket welded
  • Gauge Valve: Auto-Shut off ball check, off-set pattern, bolted or screwed bonnet
  • Drain Valve: Gate or Needle type
  • Packing: Grafoil / PTFE
  • Fasteners: ASTM A-193 Gr B7 / A-194 Gr 2H
  • Illuminator: 110 / 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 25/40 watts either with deflector or diffuser
  • Options: Anti-frost extension for low temperature service
  • Heating / cooling arrangements
  • KEL-F or Mica as glass protector for corrosive liquids


  • Saturated steam: Up to 1740 psig (120bar)
  • Other media: Up to 2610 psig (180bar) at 752oF (400oC)
  • Observation of interface
  • Observation of color and clarity of liquid
  • Observation of corrosive liquids, which attack glass