I-P Converters

Product Description


The TEIP11-PS signal converter transforms electrical signals, e.g.,

4 … 20 mA in 0.2 … 1 bar (3 … 15 psi). It is therefore a connecting

link between electrical/electronic and pneumatic systems. The signal

conversion process is similar to the patented force balance method.

Special features of the TEIP11-PS signal converter are its relatively

small dimensions and outstanding operational stability when subject

to shock and vibration. The converter can be subjected to loads up to

10 g with less than 1% effect on function.


The housing units are available in a variety of models to meet your

installation requirements. For potentially explosive conditions, units

that offer intrinsically safe operation or Explosion proof encapsulation

are available with international approval certificates for use



A variety of signal conversion ranges are available on the input and

output sides (see chapter Technical data, page 4) For auxiliary

power, compressed air at 1.4 bar (20 psi) may be required.



Control room housing unit for rail mounting

The control room housing unit for rail mounting is the easiest to use

and lowest priced model in the signal converter line. A mounting base

that is compatible with virtually all currently available EN rails is used

for installation. The housing unit with plastic cap has an IP 20

protection class.


Control room housing unit for block mounting

The control room housing unit for block mounting enables you to

install a number of converters in a small space. This design features

central air supply via connection block and stop valves in the air

connectors of the integrated signal converter.

A maximum of 4 signal converters can be connected to the

connection blocks required for block mounting. If necessary, 2 or 3

(or max. 4) connection blocks can be connected with each other to

create block units of 4-8-12-16 signal converters. Stop valves allow

you to mount or remove individual converters during operation.


Field housing unit

The field housing unit is designed for installation onsite or in the field.

Housing units are available in the following models (and protection

classes): plastic (IP 54), aluminum (IP 65) and stainless steel (IP 65).

The units are suitable for wall mounting and 2″-pipe installation.

A specially designed signal converter in plastic housing unit supports

the use of combustible gas for auxiliary power instead of the standard

compressed air.