Automotive Radiator Thermostats Type -CRT

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Product Description


CRT Thermostat is a bellows operated device designed for use with Automotive Radiator. This can be used in internal combustion engines having circulating water / coolant system with radiator..
Internal combustion engines perform with maximum efficiency at an optimum temperature. This is achieved by closely regulating the flow of coolant / water through the engine.
Type CRT thermostat has a built-in valve which regulates the flow of coolant / water through the radiator depending upon the engine temperature. The valve starts operating at around 80°C and attains full open position around 93°C.

The major advantage of type CRT bellows operated thermostat is that in the unlikely event of bellows failure, the thermostat remains wide open, allowing full flow of coolant/water. This is as against other types of thermostats, which may upon failure block the water flow, resulting in engine seizure.

The CRT thermostat is supplied without housing so as to be mounted directly on the engine manifold or with housing suitable for connection to flexible hose pipes of the engine. Other configurations can be made suit customers design upon request.


Model : CRT
Type : Bellows operated
Bellows Material : Phosphor Bronze
Wetted Parts : Brass